This Blog started out as a record of my efforts to compete in the Gt Eastern Half Marathon 2006. Since then I entered but had to withdraw from Flora London Marathon 2008 due to injury. After having to take months off to recover I am now ready and willing to become a runner again!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Week Seven - Day 3

After only getting to the bottom of my street I just knew I was going to find this run hard and, oh my gosh, it certainly was! I decided there and then not to look at my watch again until I got to the end – no point in putting undue pressure on me.

Just for a change I decided to go the opposite way round on my usual 5 mile run – and, boy, was it WEIRD. It felt very, very strange indeed. Now I wonder why that should be – I usually run it clockwise – is there something in that I wonder, running it anti-clockwise.

Apart from it being weird, the route itself was okay – I saw different parts of the run that I had never noticed before – Not so good, I missed a turning and had to run back a couple of hundred metres!

I was really finding it hard going – probably the hardest run yet. I can only put it down to excessive partying at the weekend – I will have to learn more about “moderation”, lol.

Yea, a rest day tomorrow !!

Time: 47:13
Distance: 5 miles

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Week Seven - Day 2

I had a really hectic and wonderfully socialable weekend – finishing with an impromptu BBQ round a friend’s house. We started mid-afternoon and it went on into the evening. One or two people left during the course of the evening but I’m hardcore and stayed there till the end!

As time wore on and we opened yet another bottle of wine we somehow got on to the topic of addictions….first of all berating two of our friends for smoking. One of them said she was desperate to stop but couldn’t and her partner saying that he could easily, and would do so when she did. Umm, I wonder whose kidding who? We then moved on to alcohol and had a major discussion about the difference between addiction and alcoholism – we all had our own opinions which differed greatly but all agreed that that particular glass of wine we were drinking was going down well.

They then turned on me and said I was addicted to running….. Of course, they did say it was a GOOD addiction as opposed to harming your body and how they all wished they could run. I always get a bit infuriated when people say that…If I can run, anybody can. It’s just sheer hard work, especially at the start but with a bit of determination and will power, everyone is capable of running.

Actually, I disagreed that I was addicted to running but as my alarm went off this morning at 5.30am I thought that may be, just may be, there’s something in what they said……

Time: 37:10
Distance: 4

Monday, August 28, 2006

Week Seven - Day 1

Well, it's the start of Week 7 of 13 and I have the pleasure of looking forward to a 9 mile run this weekend! 9 MILES, that sound's a long way but before I get there I have my three shorter distance runs to do.

Today, I ran 5 miles. Not my usual 5, but joining two different runs together. I'm pretty sure it's a bit further than 5 but not by much. I'm trying to vary my runs a bit because I soon get bored by running the same route. It was a bit cooler and definitely breezier than it has been for a long time. Could feel it most in the open countryside going round the lake but after that, I was sheltered by trees for most of the time. I felt okay and only about 10-15 minutes near the end could I feel the after effects of my long Saturday run.

Time: 48:51
Distance: 5

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Running stats

I had some good runs this week - all due to the cooler weather. I am definitely affected by the temperature and the cooler it is, the better I run! Had a couple of PBs which I'm pleased with, and I find my legs aren't aching quite so much in between runs!

I don't need to drop my daughter off at work in the mornings any more, so I'm hoping to get to the gym a couple of mornings a week to swim. I have really missed my swimming and I think it will be good to stretch out my tired muscles.

I did find out there is a 10 mile road race in the next couple of weeks - the Swineshead 10 is on Sunday 10 September and I did seriously think about entering. I'm not so sure now, I don't want to give myself unnecessary pressure but trying to "race" - I know what I'm like and I don't want to mess up my half marathon training. Will see how I feel nearer the time.

Actually, it won't be the first time I have run the Swineshead 10. In September 1984 at the age of 27, I ran it in a time of 1 hr 20 secs! Quite a respectable time, I think.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Week Six - Day 4

Saturday' s here again and that means time for my long run. Although I only had 7 down on my schedule, I decided that as I had done 6 1/2 last week that adding only another half mile wasn't really going to achieve much. So, looking back over my past runs I chose the 8 mile run down past the river, over the weir and through the countryside ending up joining one of my shorter runs and then meandering off into the end of another really is actually a lovely run and I thoroughly enjoyed it today.

The weather was much more suitable to running although if I dare say it, I would still have preferred it slightly cooler. My knees were slightly stiff on setting off after my fall the other day, but after a mile they felt fine. I felt so comfortable running round that I began to think about my schedule - the thought crossed my mind that in a couple of weeks I am due to run 10 miles. I began to wonder if there might be a 10 mile road race coming up: that could serve two purposes. One, get me used to running amongst other runners and two, would give me some idea of pace and it could be incorporated into my schedule.

I ran yet another PB today, the second this week, *grins*.

Time: 75:09
Distance: 8.2

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Week Six - Day 3


So, there I was, jogging along minding my own business probably thinking about what I was going to cook for to-night's tea, when, WHAM! I see the ground rising up to meet me. Arms out-stretched and a stutter in my stride, I think I've made it.....No such luck, can't get my balance back and I glide across the gravel on my hands and knees....!

First reaction - stop the watch, lol! Next, have a quick look round to make sure no-one was witness to such a clumsy act, *sigh* all alone. Take a couple of minutes to feel sorry for myself, then shoulders back, deep breath, one foot in front of the other......

Good news..... tried chewing gum which Annette recommended. It did the trick. Thanks Annette. No dry mouth for me. Splendid, I shall have a packet forever in my shorts pocket. Oh, and no, I wasn't getting another piece of gum out of said pocket when I fell over ......

Time: 44:20
Distance: 5 miles

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Week Six - Day 2

Tonight was the fortnightly meeting of the running club set up for the half marathon. I decided not to go but stick to my regular running routine. A while ago, I never thought I would be getting up at the crack of dawn to go for a run – but now I’m used to it, I really do prefer it.

I don’t mind running on my own, in lots of ways it really is easier. No-one to worry about, I can set my own pace and I can choose when I want to run. And, for all those same reasons, it can also be a lot harder: feeling isolated, pace never changes and, lastly, choosing when I want to run sometimes means I never get past the back door, lol.

Just lately I have been browsing (ok, lurking!) around on some other running blogs and it’s all I need if I’m feeling short on inspiration! There are some fantastic runners out there, full of down-to-earth advice and every-day stories tracking their running progress. If I have been found skulking around on your blog, well – Cheers! It’s people like YOU who give me encouragement to keep on running! How can I feel alone with so many like-minded runners out there.

On to today's run - Weather looking good! No sun to be seen so I didn't bother with the sunglasses, water bottle and decided to do without the music as well. Didn't miss the music, sunglasses but boy, oh boy, I really could have done with a drink of water. My mouth gets so dry - I tried breathing just through my nose but on nearly passing out, I decided that wasn't a wise move, lol!

After about a mile I began to think about my pace - as it had been so hot on most of my previous runs it was all I could do to get round the course but today, with the weather being slightly cooler, I tried to go a bit faster.

Result! Okay, I'm not breaking any world records here, but it is my personal best for this run since I started up this training log!!

Time: 43:21 PB
Distance 5 miles

Monday, August 21, 2006

Week Six - Day 1

Why is it that I get so HOT! Even this morning... it looked cool, a lot cooler than the temperatures we had in July. I was even looking forward to the run....

My inbuilt temperature gauge is way off kilter....unless it's actually raining I just seem to boil, lol. I really could do with my own personal rain cloud! Anyone know where I can get one?

Time: 35:16
Distance 4 miles

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Training Week Stats

First of all a big shout-out to JogBlog who helped set up my weekly stats - Thanks, Steve, very much appreciated!

Very glad to be back in the swing of things after our holiday - I am still worried that I'm not going to be ready for the half-marathon in October but I shall continue with the schedule and hope that all goes well. Next week I start Week 6 of a 13 week schedule and I plan to run 4, 5, 5 and 7 at the weekend so that doesn't appear too daunting! Then on after it gets a bit frightening as the weekend runs get longer and longer into double figures.... *grimacing*.

One little niggly problem at the moment - I seem to have developed little blisters on the tips of my toes - now, what's that about? Are my trainers too big, too small? Do I need new ones?

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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Week Five - Day 4

Saturday's here once again... The thing with running first thing in the morning during the week, (a) it gets it done and out of the way and (b) I have a deadline, I need to get to work so there is no dilly dallying about. On Saturday mornings I usually take my daughter to work but this morning, Steve took her so I wasn't under any time pressure.... I had a bit of a lie-in which was nice but then even after I had been up and about in enough time for my breakfast to have been digested, I still wasn't anywhere near getting out there!

Eventually, going out at the time I would normally be returning from my Saturday run, I set off. Today it is my 6 mile run - a very pleasant run, down past the railway line and onward to the rowing lake - a few rowers out this morning practicing and take my mind off the long stretch. Quite a few runners as well, but they were all going the opposite way to me...and I passed through a large party of cyclists who I think were cycling round the Green Wheel.

I set off at a very comfortable pace and after a while I felt that I could push it a bit - I tried to vary the pace, pushing it when I hit the long, flat, shady tracks and slowing down a bit when in the sun.

On the way back, I got to a junction where I could just go straight over and onward to home but I couldn't remember whether that was what I did last time or turned right and went through Ferry Meadows past the lake and home that way. As I felt Okay'ish I decided to go the longer way. It was quite a lot harder just a few minutes later but I pushed on and made it home in a time of 61:39.

I checked my previous post to see the route I had taken before and the time: I had gone straight over at the junction and did it in a time of just under 56 minutes. This means this run today must be longer, about another 1/2 mile or so, so all in all, a good run.

Time: 61:39
Distance: 6 1/2 miles

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Week Five - Day 3

Just got back from this morning's run - and, oh boy, was that hard?! My legs....they felt like lead. My hamstrings were aching and tight when I got up so I did a bit of stretching, trying to loosen them up a bit. Didn't really help.

Never mind, I did it, even if it may have looked like my knees were about to buckle with every step, or that's what it felt like!

I didn't fancy doing the same run as yesterday so chose the run down by the river and up the hill - ha, after my holiday hill this hill is just a mere pimple! The one saving grace, the temperature! A lovely cool morning, perfect for running - I just hope it warms up now my run is over - not asking for much, is it?

Just scrolled through my previous entries to find the last time I did this run - previous time 27:41 mins - I knew it was slow-going today! Also, I see that I put it down to 3 miles - oh well, let's call it a long 3, short 4, lol.

Time: 29:13

Distance: short 4

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Week Five - Day 2

With just 59 days to go until the half marathon, I can feel panic setting in....especially when I read other people's running blogs and see that they are getting through the distances, if not in miles then in time on their feet. I'm so worried that the two weeks I had off for the holiday are going to take their toll.

I went out again this morning, got up a little bit later than I usually do so left me a bit short of time. According to my schedule I am on 3 x 4 mile runs with a 6 miler at the weekend so I just stuck with the run I did yesterday. As I was late I tried to push the speed a little bit, I felt like I was working quite hard and imagined that I would have shaved off a couple of minutes at least.... not so. On arriving back home saw it took me 35:03, only 17 seconds faster! I couldn't believe it... the only difference in the run was that I went the other way round today?

I'm intending to run again tomorrow morning so that I can have a rest day before my longer run on Saturday.

Week Five - Day 1

Where art thou, motivation?

Okay, that's it, holiday over - literally! Back down to earth with a bang!!

We had a fantastic holiday and took part in loads of activities - I'm hoping that they will have had some help in maintaining my fitness although I know deep down that there is no substitute for running. We got home on Monday evening so no time or inclination for a run then.

Had a nice lie-in on Tuesday and made the effort to go for a run around tea-time. I was surprised to find the temperature quite mild and still very warm. The temperature in the Alps had definitely been quite a few degrees less than here in England, of course we were at altitude so that will have made a difference.

On my schedule I have allowed myself to go back a couple of weeks to catch up - so I ran my 4 mile course. It was okay, I didn't push myself too much. It's surprising but my upper body, especially my chest, is still aching from holiday and I could feel the strain whilst running.

Distance: 4 miles (ish)
Time: 35:20

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I eventually recovered from THE run... my shins hurt me for at least the next four days! Although my legs are now capable of getting down and then up the hill, the rest of my body isn't!!

I'm aching all over, shoulders and stomach muscles the most.... I think it must be the Adventure Park experience, pulling myself through the obstacles....

I am worried that this lack of running is going to put me behind with my schedule but for the moment I am trying to convince myself that this other type of "exercise" is nearly as good....

Thursday, August 03, 2006

It's official - I'm mad!

We’re here in Les Gets, France!

The view from our chalet is beautiful – we are surrounded by lush, green fir trees. We’re about 1100 metres up in the hills which we reach by a very long, steep hill.

Last night I rashly offered to run down to the village and get the croissants for this morning’s breakfast! I woke to the sound of rain….ummmm oh what the heck, I’ve been desperate to run in the rain these past few days!

Never shall I moan about the HILL back home – that is nothing compared to what’s out here! It was quite difficult running down, the hill was so steep – all dignity (what little I have) left behind at the chalet – I seemed to be sort of loudly plodding, trying to keep control! I tried not to think about what it would be like running back up…. The rain had eased off so I wasn’t too wet when I went into La Patisseree – the madamme didn’t even bat an eyelid! It had taken me around 12.30 to get down the hill. So, croissants safely stored in the backpack I had the mammoth task of getting back up the hill! The rain had returned with a vengeance….. It was hard work (under-statement) and I was huffing and puffing but I did it – right up to the top without stopping! Total time 26:12 – Distance 1.8 each way, about 2 miles, I guess?

Did have a couple more photo's but Blogger won't let me post them!

I’ll have to see if I can beat it by the end of the holiday (if I do it again?). My legs are quite tired, especially my calves …..

PS. I’ll apologise here and now for any French words mis-spelt throughout the entire entries whilst here in France!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Managed to get in a quick run this morning. I had a good night's sleep and felt refreshed enough to get up when the alarm went off.

The weather was much more suitable for running, definitely a couple of degrees cooler than of late. Once out of the house I headed down to the woods and then followed the river. It's a lovely run and I saw a couple of fellow runners each acknowledging each other with a "good morning". I then came to the HILL, it's a big hill, luckily not too long but very steep. The only way to get myself up this hill is to remember a song from my marching days: "Bend your backs get into the hill, push, push!" After reciting this to myself several times (quietly in my head!) and at last I am at the top! From here on it's an easy run home on flat ground and I am able to pick up a bit of speed here.

Distance: Probably a short 3
Time: 27:41

Gotta go finish my packing......

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Holiday Eve

Wouldn't you think all this running I had been doing lately would set me up for an afternoon of shopping!

In case I hadn't mentioned it (lol) we are off on our holidays tomorrow so, of course, a bit of last minute shopping was called for..... I left the house at 12.30 pm and got home at 6.00 pm - I have no idea where the time went.... and I certainly didn't have enough shopping bags to justify that amount of time!

As I officially started my holiday TODAY I had a lie-in. I was going to see how I felt when I woke up to decide whether to go for a run then or later..... I chose later!

Ha, of course, later has never come..... I am absolutely worn out from walking round the shops - I guess you could say I have had my exercise today, my feet ache, my legs ache, my head aches and my purse aches, ouch!

Hopefully, the photo's give an idea of what we are able to do on our holiday - I'm hoping we're brave enough to give them all a go.....We are connected to the internet so watch this space ........

les gets
via ferrata


mountain biking