This Blog started out as a record of my efforts to compete in the Gt Eastern Half Marathon 2006. Since then I entered but had to withdraw from Flora London Marathon 2008 due to injury. After having to take months off to recover I am now ready and willing to become a runner again!

Monday, March 17, 2008

What a difference a week makes. Last week there was hope – this week despair. On the advice of the doctor it is with the greatest disappointment that I have decided to to withdraw from the London Marathon.

As most of you know, I sustained an injury in the gruelling and demanding 30K race at Stamford in February. After a period of rest and a gradual return to running, interspersed with sports massages, physiotherapy sessions and doctors appointments, I am still no nearer to a recovery.

The injury did seem to be easing so I went for a jog with my running club and found the first 3 miles okay but then the pain returned and I had to cut short the run and head home. This has made me face up to the fact that I have no chance of completing the 26.2 mile course and the advice from the Flora London Marathon team is to withdraw if suffering from injury/illness. I did think about attempting to run the course anyway, but realised how selfish and foolish that would be.

I want to thank everyone who has sponsored me and given me support and encouragement!

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Thank you all so very much!!! You are all tremendous!

I've decided to take a few weeks off from blogging and concentrate on getting myself fit again. I've a 10K race lined up end of May for motivation.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I certainly feel last week's session of acupuncture did me some good so I had another session yesterday. The physio said that he had been thinking of me and my injury and wanted to exclude the bursa. After a bit of deep prodding around the hip area he was able to rule out the bursa, hip, or tendon damage so it looks like it might just be muscle damage. The needles this week went well and I generally felt pulsing but occasionally a muscle spasm.

I am busy later on today so I decided to get up early this morning and go for a run. It was fabulous being out so early in the day, I'd forgotten how lovely and peaceful it is. I did a good warm up and then ran a bit further than I had done the last two times, on a route which measures 4.2 miles. I felt ok, just slightly sore but my oh my was I having problems breathing comfortably!

When I got home I did a thorough stretching session and as it was getting late I had to take the ice wrap with me and strap it to me whilst I was driving into work!

I've felt a bit sore all morning and a bit stiff in my lower back but definitely not pain!!! It's looking promising.....

Time: 41:30
Distance:4.2 miles
Pace: 9.45

Sunday, March 09, 2008

I've been out for a couple of jogs this week - no great distances just 2-3 miles. They haven't been pain-free but at least I didn't suffer any consequences. I've also been to the gym and done a couple of yoga classes and a total body workout class. My lack of flexibility is outstanding! We had to sit on the floor, open our legs wide and then bend from the waist reaching the floor with our forearms. WHAT! I had a quick look round the room (as you do) checking to see if anyone could even get within 1 ft of the floor and was surprised to see it was only me still sat pretty much upright!

I'm regularly doing the exercises the physio suggested and trying to get to more yoga classes in the next week. I'm RICE-ing regularly and so if there is any justification I should be making a speedy recovery - pleeeease!

Next yoga lesson!

In truth, if I could defer my London Marathon place to next year I would but I can't so there it is -I shall be there on the start line come rain or shine. All thoughts of doing a good time are gone and I am now thinking of one minute run one minute walk. You never know, there's still five weeks to go and miracles may still occur!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Still feeling pretty hacked off! I was very stiff and sore after the jog on Saturday. So, even after all this rest I still am no nearer to getting better.

After several sports massages I decided that perhaps it was time to try somebody else so yesterday I booked in to see a physio who advertises at my gym. After the initial consultation and examination he thought the source of the problem might be my lower back and the pain I was getting was in the abductor muscle. At last! I now know where the pain actually emanates from!

He then did some acupuncture, which was very strange. I felt a slight tingling or a small electrical current and occasional a muscle spasm. This was followed by ultrasound and then stimulation. He put on a support strap and said that I should be able to go for a gentle jog the following evening. He recommended that I do several sets of stretching and strengthen my core muscles.

Throughout today my side was quite sore but when I got home I decided to do some stretching and then try out a jog. At the start it was quite painful but I managed to keep going. I suppose after a time the pain eased slightly but it was still uncomfortable and I headed home after a couple of miles. I did more stretching once I got home, had a shower and have iced it. I'm feeling sore and getting really despondent.

I'm booked into the doctors tomorrow and think I might suggest that I get an x-ray of the pelvis just to rule out any bony injury. I've done everything the doctor says, with complete rest, and over 3 weeks later the pains is just as bad. It is so frustrating!!!!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

So.... where have I been you may ask?

Well, you'll never guess where - Tenerife!!

I went back to the doctors because the pain in my hip/pelvis/side (or wherever) was not getting any better and I was frantic that I would not recover in time for the Marathon. He wasn't very sympathetic and told me that I needed to rest - complete rest - NOT what I wanted to hear!

As luck would have it a few friends from work had booked a one week holiday to Tenerife and there was a spare room in the villa so they invited me along. One whole week of lazing by the pool, occasionally taking a dip to cool off, sea-front walks and meals out - just what the doctor ordered!

This morning I put on my running shoes and with a little trepidation I went for a little jog to test my injury. Three weeks on inactivity and half a stone heavier have taken their toll. I tried to stay light on my feet and ran on the grass whenever I could and to start with all was well, only a very dull ache but it gradually got worse. Not so bad that I had to stop and in fact I could have run on (if my lungs had been up to it!) but decided not to overdo it first run out. I got back, stretched, showered and iced.

I'm really hoping that I won't have any after-effects. There's only six weeks to go and I have a lot of catching up to do. I'm staying realistic and at this point I'm not thinking about finishing times - just hoping that I will be fit and well on the starting line!