This Blog started out as a record of my efforts to compete in the Gt Eastern Half Marathon 2006. Since then I entered but had to withdraw from Flora London Marathon 2008 due to injury. After having to take months off to recover I am now ready and willing to become a runner again!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Me - Trying again!

Hey ho, yes it's me again.

After spotting a couple of my old running pals out for their sunday morning jog, it has spurred me on. Thought it was time to get myself together and give it another bash.

So, I set the alarm clock for 6 am this morning. Oh my, what was i thinking? It's still very dark....but not to be deterred, up I got, had a light breakfast and put on my running shoes. By now it was getting lighter and there was the odd person around walking their dogs etc.

I took it easy - hey, who am I kidding - I couldn't have gone any faster if I wanted. My poor old lungs took a beating but I just kept it steady and let my thoughts drift off. It wasn't too bad, after all. Let's see how I fare during the day and if no sign of the old injury, I plan to go out again on Wednesday.

Time: 23.10
Distance: 2.20 ml
Pace: 10:30