This Blog started out as a record of my efforts to compete in the Gt Eastern Half Marathon 2006. Since then I entered but had to withdraw from Flora London Marathon 2008 due to injury. After having to take months off to recover I am now ready and willing to become a runner again!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bushy 10K

Sunday saw our Running Club hosting the Bushy 10K and I was marshalling. I enjoyed seeing the race from the other side but couldn't help feeling a little sad that I wasn't fit enough to compete. I soon got over my gloom and was actually quite pleased when I saw some of the runners suffering in the heat!

It was great meeting up with my running chums and they were very encouraging urging me to come back to the club - but I know it is too soon at the moment. When I can jog at least 5 miles I will go back and at the moment it is a struggle to do more than 2.

I went out after work today on my own determined to get my fitness back again. I am going to take it nice and steady and not go too mad so for the next couple of weeks I'm going to do a couple of short runs with a longer one at the weekend - well, that's the plan.

It was a bit muggy today - or was it just me being unfit! No one else seemed to find it warm but I was very red-faced at the end. I just did my little 2.3 loop and averaged 10 min miling - not bad but not great either. I am interested to see how quickly I can improve.

Friday, July 11, 2008

I was supposed to go running again on Wednesday but my friend wimped out due to the rain - and i must admit to feeling rather relieved!

I got home from work today and had decided to go for a run but
just as I changed into my kit the rain started......I got back into normal clothes and put the idea out of my mind. After an hour it seemed to have stopped raining and through guilt I put my kit back on again and set off. Only 100 metres down the road it started raining again! The thought crossed my mind to just head back home but I stuck at it and got thoroughly soaked.

I only did a short one (2.3 miles I think from memory) and not very fast but it's a start. I was aware of an ache in my lower back and an ache from my (right) buttock down my upper leg. Who know's if it means I'm not recovered yet but if I wait any longer I know for a fact I'll never put my running shoes on again.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

I'm Back! feels so strange being back here!

Decided it was now or never to get back to running....In the past few months I've tried going to the gym regularly but always seem to drift away - in fact I've cancelled my membership as I really am not enjoying going there. For a couple of weeks I did a run/walk programme with my daughter to encourage her to get a bit fitter. With no bad side effects I decided it was time for me to get back on track.

I arranged to meet my old running pals this morning for a short jog begging them to go easy on me. They are just great, welcoming me back so easily and planning a route so that I can drop off as we pass my home.

The run itself was good. They allowed me to set the pace and I spent so much time catching up that I wasn't able to focus on how difficult it was!

I am very pleased, it was a good start and at the moment I don't have any aches and pains. I feel like I've worked hard- and certainly look it with a very red sweaty face. Fingers crossed that this is really it and I am able to get back to running regularly.

Distance: 3.58
Time: 40 mins