This Blog started out as a record of my efforts to compete in the Gt Eastern Half Marathon 2006. Since then I entered but had to withdraw from Flora London Marathon 2008 due to injury. After having to take months off to recover I am now ready and willing to become a runner again!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Week Seven - Day 4

The forecast for today is rain, rain and more rain and true to its word, it was drizzling when I set off for my 9 mile run. As I love running in the rain, this did not put me off, I was actually pleased.

After struggling through my last couple of runs , I was not looking forward to today’s. I put it off for as long as I could and then got going. Thankfully, I could tell straight away that my legs were feeling strong and it wasn’t going to be as hard as I thought it might be.

I needed to add on another mile to my 8 mile route, so decided to do that at the start, just in case I was tempted to not bother at the end, lol. I’m rather thinking that the loop I added on was more than a mile, I shall have to get the bike out to measure the course, just so I can get an accurate measurement.

Unfortunately, I hadn’t been running long when the rain stopped! It was still cool, not too windy, in fact the best running conditions so far, for me. I felt like my pace was pretty much 9.30 throughout, sometimes I tried to push it a bit and at other times, I had to slow down.

If you’d have asked me 7 weeks ago if I would be able to run 9 miles I would have laughed at you – and yet, I just did it. I’m well chuffed! Now, I ask myself, with 6 weeks to go, can I run 13.1 miles?

Time: 89:30
Distance: 9 (?)

*Edit* Hubby's bike was behind all the boxes in the garage (waiting for car boot sale) so proved too difficult to get out to measure the course. He did, however, measure it through some rough and ready formula using paper, pencil, ruler and map! End result - 9.5 miles!!!!

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Angela said...

Looks to me as though you will definately manage the 13.1 target.

I love running in the rain as well - it's such a pleasant relief.

Annette said...

You can totally do 13.1! My longest run before I did my half in June was 9.5 miles. I would've felt better if I'd done more, but I'd say you're set!

There's a couple of good websites for measuring runs - I don't know if they have anything outside of the US. I'll check on that before I give you the links - let me know if you're interested.

Lisa said...

Way to get that 9 mile run in. You did it....

The site I use for mapping my routes is called and I love it!

Annette said...

I checked the mapping sites out and the only one that worked for outside the US was the one Lisa mentioned: I haven't used that one, let me know if it works for you! FYI - those sites can get addictive! :)

butterflygirl said...

Hooray for you!!! You will be able to run the 13.1 miles in 6 weeks!!!